Wellington & Treborough

  • September 18, 2019

A long but good day at Treborough with 5 horses running on Saturday:

Gold Flush had a good first run of the season in the BE100, 27 dressage and double clear.

Gallopin B also had a good second run of the season in the Novice producing a very smart test, 27 and a double clear

Kiwi SP was still feeling extremely happy to be out. Sadly a little bold XC and miss-read the steps, resulting in a small tumble. Luckily she is okay and will live to fight another day 🏼

Master Tuck flicked his toes to a 28 dressage and flew around the XC!

Lulu and her 5 year old Jandine took the win on the last 5 year old class and will be off to Osberton in October

An extremely HOT day at Wellington yesterday with 3 horses:

Friendship VDL had a good run in his first advanced, jumping extremely well 🏼

Leonardo also did a very smart test in the OI and made nothing of the XC.

Jem Rose and Lulu had another good run in the OI.

More pics here