Spring at AM Eventing

  • June 11, 2020

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Well…normally we would be up to our ears in event planning calendars, a few rosettes, some prize money and days fuelled by caffeine and many miles travelled in the lorry.

To say we are missing everyone is an understatement – our loyal owners who we love to include in all aspects of the yard and planning have felt the pressure as much as we have, but we have all kept in touch, shared Facetime lessons, videos and pictures trying desperately to replicate ‘normal life’ as much as we can.

Lockdown life has seen a different way of working for us. The top priority as always has been the horses, whilst we have maintained their work load to keep them fit and happy whilst not taxing their limbs too much we have had to become clever with how we keep them enthused for their job…with no end goal at the minute. Many of them are enjoying more time in the field, lots of fun hacking and schooling in the fields as well as fitness and gym work in the school. Mane and tail pulling has taken a back seat, as has clipping but they are all enjoying extra field time instead of preening! That said…we are very much looking forward to getting them all up to standard when a competition day is in the pipeline!

April passed very un-eventfully…settling into the new way of working and as we rolled into May and the realisation that this season will be very different to many others hit home. But May bought some sadness to the yard with the departure of the lovely Captain overseas to the USA where he will settle in sunny California in the ‘Captains Crew’ Syndicate. Follow him here

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97791249_10158453193777002_1359731966684954624_nNot only did Captain move to pasture new, the beautiful Randoon Cara found her human in Eve Hodder and left us another empty stable!

We wish both these talented horses the very bet with their new owners and look forward to following their stories as they continue on through the ranks.

Our other sale horses Baby Shark, Molly and Quinn have all benefitted from extra time home on the yard and our stunning 5 year old Killi by Dakar is literally flying and will be ready for a new human soon!

So if you are looking for your next post lockdown superstar we certainly have some quality horses worth making a trip to see from youngsters to established competition horses – give us a call Aaron – 07749 964290 or Lucinda – 07949 751238