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Leonardo VIII – now retired from top level after 13 years eventing

Now entering his 12th eventing season with Aaron, Leo is a true Advanced star. Foaled:   2003 Sex:   Gelding Sire:   Maximillian Voltucky Level:   Advanced Owner:   Owned by Mrs. Irene Broom and Mrs. Nicola Seal Likes:   Everything! Except being caught when he wants to stay in the field! BE results link:    Click here &... More

RLE Nina van Overis Z

Nina is an incredibly special mare, a former show jumper turned eventing star. Foaled: 2009 Sex: Mare Sire: Nonstop Level: Intermediate/2* Owner: Hillary Prewecki, Adrienne Harris & Heidi Bates BE results link click here Nina arrived at AM Eventing having spent the first few years of her life show jumping at some of the highest ... More

Friendship VDL

Friendly by name and friendly by nature, he oozes talent and is a very exciting prospect for the future. Foaled:  2010 Sex:   Gelding Sire:  Azteca VDL Level: Adv/4* Owner:  Steve, Rosy & Elisia Bott and Aaron Millar Likes:  Everyone and everything! BE results link click here After arriving at the beginning of April 2015 ... More

Jess Uphill

Jess is our other amazing farrier who shoes our competition horses. We trust her so much and she works very closely alongside our vets and physio More

Gold Flush

A Novice mare with a lot of scope in her jump and ever developing talent. Foaled: 2011 Sex: Mare Sire: Andiamo Level: Novice/ CCI* Owner: Aaron Millar Likes: Jumping out of the field BE results link click here. Chip is the chesnut mare on the yard. Despite this she is hugely friendly and loving. Her ability to jump over a five bar ... More

Kiwi SP

Kiwi is known as 'Big Bird' on the yard, due to her 17hh size! Foaled:  2009 Sex:   Mare Sire:   Polydox Level: Intermediate/2* Owner:   Charlie Hughes Likes:   Neighing all day BE results link click here She spends her days neighing at everyone that walks on the yard or trying to make friends with anyone that will talk to ... More

Galopin B

A real character with plenty of talent! A winner at Novice level, Sam is rarely out of the placings. Foaled: 2011 Sex: Gelding Sire: Bustique Level: Intermediate/2* Owner: Emma Treichl amd Sarah Wild Likes: Eating Everything, including his rugs. BE results link click here  Sam really is a character and can not be left in his stable ... More

Lucinda Mesquita

Lulu supports Aaron with the riding duties, with an aim of riding and competing many of the younger horses in the string. Lulu joined AM Eventing with a wealth of experience behind her and comes from a very horsey background.  Having ridden from a young age and coming from a family of polo enthusiasts, Lulu has worked on the family's polo yard for 2 ... More

Nicola Seal and Irene Broom

Leonardo IV More

Rosy, Steve and Elisia Bott

Friendship VDL and Randoon Cara More